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Jessica is currently in...

St. Paul, Minnesota

I love:
learning by doing
adventurous stories
foreign foods
conversations with new friends
a good podcast
making my mother mildly anxious

I loath:
change, but also consistency

So... traveling seems like an ideal solution.


This site serves as a place to:
collect memories from the places I've been
collect wisdom from the people I've met
and, I hope,
collect lessons I can pass on with each step I continue to take in the world.

My travel philosophy values depth more than breadth. When I find myself somewhere new, I aim to dig my heels into the community and culture I'm a part of. I consume books and articles and seek out lessons and conversations. I believe personal growth comes not just from witnessing, but from experiencing.

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Where I've been: Poland, Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, India, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, and 25 of the United States
I have a presence on other social media sites, including twitter and instagram. To view my professional portfolio and resume, please visit



There is a kind of magicness about going far away and then coming back changed.


Kate Douglas Wiggin

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