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Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Black Hills, South Dakota

Pondicherry, India

Kruos Village, Cambodia

The Sahara, Africa

Cairo, Egypt

Jessica is currently in...

St. Paul, Minnesota

Next Stop...

Atlanta, Georgia

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Moes Goes is created by Jessica Moes, who is based in St. Paul, MN.


This site serves as a place to:
collect memories from the places I've been
collect wisdom from the people I've met
and, I hope,
collect lessons I can pass on with each step I continue to take in the world.

My travel philosophy values depth more than breadth. When I find myself somewhere new, I aim to dig my heels into the community and culture I'm a part of. I consume books and articles and seek out lessons and conversations. I believe personal growth comes not just from witnessing, but from experiencing.

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Musings from Life on the Move

While connectivity sometimes limits my ability to post, I'm always writing on the road!Explore photos and ramblings from the places that have touched me. To sign up for my email notifications, click here. 

4 months exploring Turkey, Morocco, and Egypt - and finding new and unusual ways to connect the experiences together. Read my blog posts and learn more about this beautiful and complex region.

About YAGM:

ELCA's Young Adults in Global Missions

Each year, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America sends 70+ young adults to stations around the globe to walk alongside the church's growing community. Click here to learn more.

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